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Bolan FanFic/Slash

Just re-discovered my love for Marc. Now I am desperately seeking Marc fanfics. Can anyone point me into the right direction?
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I did one for xmas_rocks last year:

Oh thank you soooo much! I am going to read it straight away!
Okay, I've read it and I loved it .You captured Marc so well. The whole story was perfect. The way you write about Marc makes me wonder if you have written more slash about him. And if so, I would so love to read it. Thank you for this story!
I have, once or twice, but only short silly ones, and published in my journal. I wouldn't mind friending you for a bit if you really wanna read them.

I'll tell you something, the other one you found was also by me, but don't spread that around lol.
By the way, please do not republish anything I've written. I'm alright with the xmas_rocks one as that was a gift, but nothing else please. Thank you! I appreciate your enthusiasm.
Oh I am sorry. Yes I was so over the moon that I wanted them in my journal for easy access and yes, to show others to kick off the thirst for more Bolan slash. I will remove them at once, or at least the Bolan/Bowie drabble since you are okay with the other one.
Thank you so much for offering to befriend me for a bit so I can read your others stories.
And so amazing that the drabble was also by you.
You can keep them and friendslock them if you want?
Oh yes of course. I should do that :)

Your icons are adorable.